Overnight stay in the Valle Maira

The Locanda Mistral, a 8th century hotel in the hamlet of Ponte Maira. Until a few decades ago, only farmers lived here and were self-sufficient. In the 50’s there was a big wave of emigration in the Valle Maira. All villages and hamlets emptied themselves. A downward trend was noticeable at the end of the 90s. The Locanda Mistral was also built three decades ago in one of these farmhouses. The house was slowly converted into a small inn by the parents. Materials from the surrounding area were used and the typical Occitan architecture was retained. In total, there are now two converted farmhouses with a spacious, centrally located garden. The whole thing is accompanied by an excellent menu. Old Occitan recipes are reinterpreted and refined with herbs from our own vegetable and herb garden.

Locanda Mistral / Mit Garten

The restaurant is now run by Manuela as cook and Renato as mountain guide. The Mistral company’s philosophy is based on its love of the mountains and its engagement with the tradition, history and culture of this valley. Manuela and Renato speak Italian, German, English and French.

Why Mistral?

Mistral, Frédéric Joseph Etienne, born 1830 in Maillane near Arles, wrote texts, poems and operettas in Occitan. In 1904 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. “as recognition of the freshness, originality and authenticity of his literary work, of his loyalty to nature and its surroundings. Last but not least, committed to the natural spirit of its culture.”

Ponte Maira / Totale

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